Celebration Time!


Although it feels as though we have only just arrived, it is the final night of Swanwick 2022.

It has been another busy day, but when aren’t they? A final flex of the Muse with Rob Gee and a two part competition workshop with Viv Brown concluded the academic input for me this year. I have a very full notebook, plenty of ideas – now all I need is the application to make it happen.

On the red carpet

The AGM this afternoon saw the appointment of a new Chair (Gerald Hornsby) and Secretary (Sharon Payne). Then with all business concluded, we were able to enjoy pre-dinner drinks (‘prinks’ – is that even a thing?) on the lawn before dinner.

The Prizegiving and Farewell saw the drawing of the raffle and the presentation of awards for various competitions and challenges this week, including honourable mentions x2 for Penny Blackburn, and a Humour and Chair’s Challenge prizes to Jen Wilson. Always lovely when friends win.

The winning team: Mags, me, Liz and Dave

Then, joy of joys: I won a Swannie for best performance in a comedy at Swanwick 2022 as voted for by the audience! ‘Miss Prim’s Secret’ also won a Swannie, the audience vote for best comedy, and it was also given the Judges’ award for best overall script. So very well done to our playwright Dave Bromley, but also to the director Liz Horrocks and my fellow thespian Mags Hutt.

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