Movie Star

One of the fun things I did at Swanwick this year was to act in Page to Stage. This event allows script writers to see their words brought to life. Because of the short time available to the cast and directors the scripts are performed as a dramatised reading – in fact we’re asked not to learn our parts.

The play I took part in was “Dominoes, Anyone?” written by the very talented Susanna Lewis – I look forward to seeing more of her work in the future. Susanna’s short script is set in a sheltered housing complex where a trio of residents are having trouble with the patronising warden. The facilities for filming the play were very limited, but many thanks to Steve Barnett for his hard work in putting this recording together.

Click on the link to watch Dominoes, Anyone?

By coincidence (or maybe not), one of the short courses I chose this year was ‘Acting for writers’ delivered by the powerhouse that is Jonathan Goodwill. It gave me some excellent tips on how to enter fully into the role of a character, and then by transferring those techniques to the written word to dig deeper into our MC’s thoughts and actions.

I said this was the year I was going to go brave at Swanwick.

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