Jokes and chickens

First published in ‘Your Chicken’

Q: How do you make a chicken run?

A: Creep up behind her and shout ‘Boo!

For an alternative way to make a chicken run:

Take 22 metal poles, fit into 17 metal brackets, fix together with wing nuts

Cut wire mesh to fit, carefully lift into position, secure with cable ties

Piece together 8 blocks of wood to create door and doorframe, add two metal hinges, bolt and doorstop

Add chickens

All work best carried out in blazing sunshine, making full use of unsuspecting aunt who called in expecting a cup of tea!

Joking aside, I had a great time helping my niece and her partner build their new chicken run.

And in due course I hope to be rewarded with some chick pics which I can send off to magazines in return for ready cash!

First published in ‘Chat’ magazine

4 thoughts on “Jokes and chickens

  1. Carole Anne Carr MA

    Chickens seem such peaceful creatures, ideal subjects for a children’s story, and of course there is always the Fox – shall be looking forward to those pictures, Bea. 🤗


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