When I reach the letter Z on my blog postings, I usually take it as a cue to pause and consider where I’m up to.

Well, I can report it’s been another busy day here on Planet Swanwick.

I’m really enjoying Steve Hartley’s specialist course on Character Psychology, part 2 of which was today. “Bad choices make good stories. Which means that terrible choices can make terrific stories.”

Photo by Julia Hartnett

This afternoon I listened to the rest of the poetry open mic (the overflow from last night) and this evening I was one of the readers at the prose open mic.

Boy, there are some really talented writers here!

Oh, I also wore flowers in my hair, in keeping with the flower power theme of this evening’s social and disco.

2 thoughts on “Zzz…

  1. Lindsay Bamfield

    I quite agree about the bad choices/good stories but sometimes I get so frustrated when characters make such ridiculous choices! I know they do to make the story happen but I always think but ‘they would never do that!’ Also makes me lose respect for characters! And the human race for that matter!


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